Blissful Womanhood was born from witnessing so many women struggle and suffer alone. Not only do women face the wounding of a culture that denigrates the feminine but we also face very real personal challenges common to human beings. I wanted to create a place that brought together the best wisdom of East and West, ancient traditions and the latest scientific progress, so that women could have better access to tools and techniques for living their best lives. 

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December 24, 2018

It's Christmas Eve and the winter holidays are in full swing. For many of us this means uncomfortable dinners with family, stressful travel, shopping, cooking, too much food, too much drink... that one uncle. Just at the time of year when other smart animals are hibernating, we go into overdrive. This has an effect on our nervous systems, releasing a flood of cortisol and adrenaline. For those of us who have a history of trauma, the holidays can be triggering. For those of us who are alone, whose families are disintegrated, who never had the children we wanted or whose loved ones have died this time of year can be devastating. This entry is for all of you who are dealing with any of these dynamics. There is a way to be at peace. 

The Simple Stuff
Humans are mental creatures. We live mostly in our heads, in our minds, always planning for the future, ruminating about the past, projecting onto others what we think they think of us, then having arguments with them in our he...

December 10, 2018

This post is Part 1 of our Winter Retreat Series, dedicated to less doing—more being, less clutter—more clarity, less people pleasing—more self care... and a deep dose of reflection on what we want to create in the coming year. 

It's been a long time... This year has been so full on, so packed, so BIG, that I haven't written anything here since... March? My apologies dear reader. This coming year I intend to run a much more reliable publishing schedule. This much I know already. 

So what's been keeping me running so fast? Let's see... This time last year I was still down in my hometown of Ojai during the Thomas Fire. I evacuated my mother twice, first from the fire, then from the water which hit her area pretty hard during the first big winter storm. As many of you know, having your mom evacuated to your house for six weeks can be time consuming. I found myself scheduling activities as if I were the mother and she were the daughter. We went hiking and took a trip to the coast. We...

April 5, 2018

The beautiful thing is, any topic you want to work on, where you are having resistance or you feel triggered, you can work with tapping. Tapping is all about clearing out the emotional charge, so anything anything you are emotionally charged about you can work on, from really intense things such as PTSD or sexual abuse, to money issues or body issues, or even things like expressing your life purpose, or issues related to relationship, love and communication…

March 28, 2018

Spring is the time for making decisions. We can either let the garden of our life grow however it grows and find ourselves in constant reaction to the weeds and whatnot we may or may not want - or we can consciously choose to tend the garden of our lives in a way that gives us the fruits we desire. Spring is a time of year for taking stock and for getting clear about what we really want to invite in, what we want to give our time, energy and talents to and for weeding out all that we do not choose. It's a time for empowerment in our own lives. Whatever you choose, own that choice. It is yours. 

As springtime comes with rainbows and flowers, we get an opportunity to decide what we are planting for the coming year. The quality of our life from this day forward depends on the seeds we are planting right now. The quality of our lives a year from now has a lot more to do with what we plant today than it does with what came before, how our childhoods were or what tragedies we have f...

March 21, 2018

Spring is a time for change. Just as winter has laid bare the earth we must uncover our own fertile soil, clearing the way for the new growth we wish to see. What shall you choose to create this year? What brings you joy? How have you allowed your being to be used in service of someone else's dream? In what ways can you reclaim yourself, your spaces and your truths so that you become in service to only your own, and your highest, dreams? 

Growing up a wise auntie once taught me that "the way you keep your bed is the way you keep your head." I learned that by simply making my bed each morning I could function with greater clarity and energy. As it turns out, the way we keep our physical things, including our bodies, impacts how everything else in our lives goes. When we live in piles of unsorted things we live surrounded by decisions deferred. We become stuck circling around and around in our own confusion, unable to move forward with clarity because our lives are so...

January 23, 2018

I have certain friends that when we spend time together I find we spend the majority of our time focusing on everything that is wrong in our lives. We dramatize the little hardships and embellish our genuine suffering. Small things that should be frustrating for a few minutes, at most, become the overarching narrative of our day, our weeks and our lives. We focus in like an electron microscope on everything that is wrong with our partners, our families, the way a stranger drove the other day, the eccentricities and abysmal failures of our parents from decades ago and how destructive our pets are when we leave them alone. 

I also have friends that I never do this with. Instead, the majority of our time is spent talking about things that matter, our passions and goals, things we can do something about, things we want to do and be and bring into our lives. These friendships nourish me and lift me up. The more time I spend with friends like this the more productive I become. Th...

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